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Mathematician: How do you write 4 in between 5 ???

Chinese: Is this a joke?

Japanese: Impossible!

American: The question's all wrong!

British: It's not found on the Internet

And the Indian...

Indian: "F(IV)E..."

This is the reason Indians are everywhere in the world: in finance, business, medicine, engineering... anything to do with using both sides of the brain...


Do more than exist   –   Live!
Do more than touch   –   Feel!
Do more than look    –   Observe!
Do more than read    –   Absorb!
Do more than hear   –   Listen!
Do more than listen   –   Understand!
Do more than think   –   Reflect!
Do more than just talk   –   Say Something!

Go One Step Further… Live! Feel! Observe! Absorb! Listen! Understand! Reflect! Say Something!


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