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If you are still searching for that special item, have you considered decorative 40th birthday gift ideas for women? She will love an item that can be hung on a wall or dress up a room in her home. Locating the ideal present can be tricky. You must do so with her personal taste in mind. If you are willing to put in the effort and do a little research, you can narrow down the list of potential decorative 40thbirthday gift ideas for women.

Her Existing Home Decor

The key to choosing from the best decorative 40thbirthday gift ideas for women is to know her existing home décor preferences. These details will become obvious when you are in her home. Without asking any suspicious questions, you can come up with great ideas. All you have to do is admire what she has already done with her house. Do you see common style themes? Perhaps she has a thing for Asian décor, or maybe she adores country? Even if you do not see a steady theme throughout, you should be able to pick up on her color preferences and general tastes.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for WomenIs Her Home Lacking?

If she has walls full of pictures, then cross that off your list of 40th birthday gift ideas for women. Look for areas where her home décor may be lacking. While doing so keep in mind that an abundance of something could indicate that she likes that item. For example, if you notice a number of table-top picture frames sitting around, she may collect them. In this case, a unique or personalized frame may be a great choice. Otherwise, try to offer her a present that she doesn’t already have three of in her sitting room.

Useful Home Décor Items

The best decorative 40th birthday gift ideas for women are ones that serve a purpose as well as look attractive. Consider a shelf for DVDs or CD holder that she can use to store her collection on. If she loves books (which will probably show by the piles of them on her coffee table and nightstand) then perhaps a stylish reading lamp or book light with matching book covers might be something she would love to receive. Remember, it is all about her so find out which decorative 40th birthday gift ideas for women match her style!


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