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Importance of Skin

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Skin is not only the symbol of beauty but it is also a symbol of good health. A person with a well shaped body but with rough, dull and pippled skin is not looked upon nicely. When we grow old the bold circulation of skin become lowered. Due to this our skin loses its grace and youthful appearance. Skin problem becomes due to lack of proper circulation of blood . Other reason of skin problem is the over exposure to sun, late night parties and over consumption of alcohol. If you want your skin healthy, keep away from hazard of modern living...

Identify your skin type firstly


Wash your face with a neutral (not made for a particular skin type) soap or cleanser (such as Neutrogena for normal skin). Rinse with water. Pat try with a towel just enough to absorb moisture do not rub. Wait one hour, and then blot your entire face with one ply (or layer) of a large facial tissue. Press lightly all over your face and leave for about one minute. Then remove the paper carefully and examine it near a window or a light.

What do you see ?

  • If you see oil throughout the tissue, you most likely have oily skin.
  • If you see oil only in the T-zone (across forehead, down nose and chin), you most likely have combination skin.
  • If you see very little oil throughout, you most likely have normal skin.
  • If you see no sign of oil at all, you most likely have dry skin.
  • If your skin feels irritated or slightly itchy, you most likely have sensitive skin.

You'll need to perform this test several times a year-during spring, summer and winter- because your skin changes with the seasons...

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