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Indoor Plant Maintenance

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All indoor or semi-shade plants as they're more commonly called, require a minimum of 2-3 hours of light. It is suggested that early morning or late evening sunlight, or at least a good amount of reflected light from a nearby window is optimum for indoor plants.

Depending on placement, water semi-shade plants every alternate day. Again, this is not a rule of thumb as different plants have different needs; thus watering schedules should be arranged accordingly. Many factors like wind intensity, amount of light, daytime temperature, among others, have a considerable effect on the plant. Orchids for example, need to be watered at least twice a day and up to three times on really hot days, as with many fern varieties.

As leaves are severely light-responsive, it is important to change the orientation of plants from time to time to promote even growth. Upward turned leaves are a good indication of this, especially for the Fittonia plant.

Try and study the growth habit of your plant, for example, notice how they reproduce. Ferns, in this case produce spores on the underside of their leaves. These spores resemble little brown dots in appearance and most lead people to believe it is a pest infection. Unnecessary spraying should be avoided.

Semi-shade plants are comparatively hardier, so their maintenance isn't as delicate. Most semi-shade plants tend to have a creeping habit and thus need to be supported. Coconut husk sticks are a great durable and environmentally friendly option available at Green Grower.

Semi-shade plants that have hairy leaves like the African Violet can be watered from the plate below to avoid the unnecessary wetting of leaves which leads to rotting. However, make sure you constantly keep dust off leaves by washing or dusting them at least twice a week.

Clean plants thoroughly with water spray three times a week.

Fertilizer in solid form can be added once a month and in liquid form once a week to maintain leaf luster.

Regularly clean any dead or yellowing leaves from the plant to maintain its aesthetic value.

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