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Home Remedies

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What are home remedies?
Home remedies are recipes made with natural ingredients found at home. These ingredients can be found in the nutrient contained in fruits and vegetables or in compounds founds in herbs.
How can I make my own home remedies?
You can make your own home remedies by mixing the right amount of ingredients; in this website you will find hundreds of recipes for home remedies. It is important to understand that home remedies are best when used fresh, this means that you are better of making only the amount you are going to use. However home remedies can be stored up to a few weeks in proper containers. Home remedies are getting a lot of attention again due to the short coming of conventional medicine. For thousands of years home remedies and herb medicine was used to treat a variety of common conditions, there is evidence of the use of home remedies in the Bible and China has recorded thousands of remedies throughout history.
Home remedies are the simple ingredients that can be easily accessible in home and used as the treatment to cure common disease or chronic disease. Whether, we call it home remedies or natural remedies as it is all made of natural ingredients which is available in home such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, essential oils, basil, fennel, ginger, garlic and others. These all ingredients are used in curing the disease at initial level. It is strictly recommended to each person that if any dieses cross the deadline and getting severe then rush to the doctor for proper medications.
Importance of home remedies:
There are several advantages of using home remedies therefore it is preferred to cure most of diseases in initial stage.
1. It is completely free from any side effects, which means you can consume the medicine for long time without any fear until you get cured properly.
2. These home remedies are the best medicines for the elders and child as they have low immune system to react any side effects.
3. It is also suitable medicine for the people who have some allergic problems with particular medicines
4. Moreover, they are inexpensive as compared to other medicines. People can easily prepare home remedies in their home and intake it without any prescription. It is best way to treat the diseases.
5. There are several home remedies site in hindi and in English available over the web that enables people to get the proper knowledge about the home remedies and apply them safely.
Here are some common home remedies:
1. Garlic is one if the best ingredients to treat several disorders from colds to low blood pressure
2. Ginger, concoction and pepper is known to cure the sore throats and cold
3. Ginger is also known to treat the digestion problem and bowel movement
4. Fennel seeds help in digestion including nausea and vomiting
5. Cucumber paste is very helpful to get rid of eye puffiness problem
There are endless home remedies available that can be used either for treating disease or making your skin beautiful. There are several ways to get the proper information about the home remedies.


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